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Your one stop shop for plastic injection molds


We want to the mold making process to be as easy as possible for you, our client! To do this we offer a wide array of services so that you only need to deal with one shop from start to finish. Our experienced professionals will walk you through the design process, create prototypes, build the mold and provide routine and preventative maintenance. 

If you can imagine it, we can create it! The machines and tools we use allow our capabilities to expand across several industries such as the automotive & aquatic sectors and both the retail and construction industries for whom we build and maintain small to midsize molds.  







With a wide variety of machines, we have an extensive range of machining capabilities. Our machine list includes:

  • 5 axis Deckel-Maho DMU 70 29.5 x 23.5 14k RPM

  • Hi-Net DMC 1500 60” X 36” 24k Spindle

  • Hi-Net DMC 1500H 60” X 36” 15K Spindle

  • Hi-Net DMC 2100SH 83" X 60" 15K Spindle 

  • Quasar 40” X 24” 15K Spindle

  • Femco Boring Mill 80” X 75” Full Rotary Table

  • Haas 1600 Horizontal 4-Axis 60" X 40"

  • Mitsubishi EDM 62” X 33” Tank

  • AWEA VP-2012

*All machines are equipped with FCS*


Tool Making

Our tooling department is fully staffed and committed to providing high quality molds. All critical aspects of the mold are extensively discussed prior to the start of the project to ensure your expectation are adequately met. Our offerings include:

  • Full Mold Builds

  • Mold Design

  • Engineering Changes

  • Mold Preventative Maintenance

  • Mold Polishing / Handwork

  • Flash Repair

  • Feasibility Studies


Fluid Technology

We offer several different types of fluid technology. Click the links for more information.​


What People Say

Laura Fritz

Very organized and efficient

Jerms Bevis

Great team, quality tooling and responsive service.

Robert Kumpf

Good! People seemed helpful considering I caught them on their lunch.

Tool Making
Fluid Techology
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