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Our range of metal forming and drawing lubricants have been designed for extreme performance. They contain high levels of:


  • Lubricity additives

  • Chlorinated EP additives

  • New synergist additive (significantly enhances performance and allows removal of Chlorinated EP additives in most instances.

All of these products are suitable for the most extremely arduous operations.

Forming & Drawing Lubricants


Superdraw ST PSL

Our highest performing product to date. Removes the need for any chlorinated plastic/rubber coating.


Superdraw SG

Medium viscosity synthetic lubricant containing high levels of polymeric lubricity additive; suitable for operations requiring water wash-off.


Superdraw 18000

Novel alternative to ST PSL without any chlorinated additives. Washes off in aqueous solutions.


Superdraw FS

Aqueous technology designed for punching, nibbling and shearing operations on sheet metal, and deep drawing of mild and stainless steels. 

If for some reason your mold breaks down due to inadequate maintenance, overuse or some other strange occurrence, we here at DC Automotive Tooling are leading machining and tooling manufacturers. We can provide mold repair on existing plastic injection molds or start from the ground up and build a mold in our full service shop all for an extremely competitive price!


Contact us today to learn about how we can help you.

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