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Recent developments in aqueous polymer technology has allowed us to develop advanced vanishing oils with significant benefits over traditional solvent based lubricants. These lubricants have the following characteristics and benefits:

  • Advanced polymer technology.

  • Suitable for forming, piercing, blanking, bending, nibbling, laser cutting.

  • Fast drying time due to rapid evaporation rate – see graph.

  • Weldable, can be welded through with no adverse fumes and  they have anti-spatter performance.

Vanishing Oils


Vanishing Oil -AQ10

Solvent-free high performance vanishing oil that gives significant enhancements to tool-life. 


Vanishing Oil - AQFF

Solvent-free vanishing oil designed specifically for aluminium and other non-ferrous alloys.


Vanishing Oil - 3280

Solvent containing vanishing oil designed for zero-reside on aluminium, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

If for some reason your mold breaks down due to inadequate maintenance, overuse or some other strange occurrence, we here at DC Automotive Tooling are leading machining and tooling manufacturers. We can provide mold repair on existing plastic injection molds or start from the ground up and build a mold in our full service shop all for an extremely competitive price!


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