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This is a niche product line developed in response to problems associated with plastic injection mold servicing and refinishing.

For mold texture repair, chemicals typically used are extremely corrosive but our unique formula reduces the corrosiveness without comprising dissolving power.

Molds requiring serving where severe plastic leaks are present often require extensive physical removal of the hardened plastic. Our technology allows the plastic to be broken down for easy removal.

Etching & Plastic Solutions


Super-Etch WC5

Designed to replace methanol as a non-toxic degreaser.


Plasticstrip A65

Low-VOC degreasing solvent designed as non-hazardous replacement for conventional solvents.


If for some reason your mold breaks down due to inadequate maintenance, overuse or some other strange occurrence, we here at DC Automotive Tooling are leading machining and tooling manufacturers. We can provide mold repair on existing plastic injection molds or start from the ground up and build a mold in our full service shop all for an extremely competitive price!

Contact us today to learn about how we can help you.

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