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Making Waves as the Newbie in Windsor's Tool & Mold Industry

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Windsor- Essex is known for a few things, the Ambassador Bridge, Caesar's Casino, the Big Three (now the big two, bye GM) and the mold, tool & die manufacturing industries.

According to Perspective, Windsor-Essex is a global centre for mold, tool and die manufacturing. They state that this region has spent more than 75 years creating a supply chain that rivals any you will find in North America. The automotive factories rely on the mold, tool & die industries to produce parts and components that can easily be assembled into cars on the production lines.

The demand of quickly manufactured plastic automotive products rose quickly during the post WWII era due to an industry shift towards sustainability. Plastic proved to be the clear winner when compared to the old steel alternative. It made cars more fuel efficient by reducing the overall weight, which also meant increased sustainability. Lighter cars use & emit less fuel and therefore have a smaller impact on the environment. Plastic also allowed for greater innovation & design because it was easier to shape than metal. With increased demand came increased supply and that seems to be why this region became flush with mold, tool & die manufacturers!

With such an extensive history of mold, tool & die in the region, DC Automotive Tooling is a new player in the game, but they've carved out a niche for themselves in the market. They are a one stop shop! DC is able to design a tool, build it using CNC machining, create molds, produce the finished product as well as perform engineering changes, mold troubleshooting and provide preventative maintenance.

DC Automotive Tooling Inc.'s commitment to quality and efficiency also sets them apart from industry competitors. More often than not, industry shop owners tend to leave the tooling & machining side of the business to managers, however at DC, our owners are in direct contact with everything on the shop floor. They have an extremely hands on approach, often assisting with mold builds to ensure quality is always at the highest level. With over 50 years of combined experience, DC Automotive Tooling Inc. is making waves in the tool & mold industry!

Three men are smiling while holding their glasses up for a cheers
Friends & Owners, Chris and Dean pictured with Dean's father

The company had humble beginnings. It began in 2012 as DC Auto, a partnership between owners & friends, Din (Dean) Allen & Chris Vander Heyden that specialized in spotting. Two years later, their initial idea had grown so much they incorporated and became DC Automotive Tooling Inc. Then in March 2020, the pandemic hit. What we thought would be "two weeks to flatten the curve" has turned into an ongoing battle back to normalcy.

Unfortunately, many small businesses in the area suffered because of the lack of revenue stemming from stay-at-home orders, and non-essential closures. Fortunately, the automotive industry wasn't hit as hard because it was deemed essential, and all companies related to the supply chain were allowed to operate. This stroke of luck enabled DC Automotive Tooling Inc., to continue growing as a company, increasing their number of staff, shop machines and clients.

DC Automotive Tooling Inc. continues to look towards the future of tool & mold by diversifying their clients list and attracting quality talent.


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