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Understanding Job Roles: CNC Machine Operator

CNC Machine Operators are an important role both at DC Automotive Tooling Inc, and at any tool & mold or tool & die company. But what exactly does the role entail?

A CNC machine operator is essential a entry level CNC position. The main responsibility in this position is to load stock material and run parts on a CNC machine.

A typically day for a CNC machine operator would include unloading raw materials. This is why we ask for individuals to have experience with overhead cranes and lift trucks. The raw materials we deal with tend to be incredibly heavy and often cannot be moved by hand. Since this task is often the first step in the machining process it's also important for this person to be dependable and punctual so that that workday can start quickly and efficiently.

Knowledge of FCS is another requirement because an individual will need to know how to use the FCS modular clamping system to secure the raw material to the plates in the machines so that the material does not move while it is being machined.

The last main, daily task for a CNC machine operator is to start the machining centres. They need to know which buttons to engage with to both start and stop the machines. This is why we ask for our applicants to have experience setting up machining centers. In our shop, we have both vertical and horizontal machining centres which makes having knowledge of both crucial.

Secondary tasks of this position can often include supervising the machines as they are run & alerting senior staff to make adjustments as needed. Since this is an entry level position, many operators will have a supervisor or lead who they can report any problems to. This lead tends to be a set-up operator, programmer or all-around machinist and these individuals keep detailed records of the equipment and procedures, perform necessary maintenance & cleaning and troubleshoot problems.

If you're an aspiring CNCist or are simply looking for a new job in CNC make sure to take a look at our Opportunities page. You will find a list of positions that we are actively hiring for. If you' don't happen to see a role that fits your expertise, always remember you can email us to have your resume kept on file for future consideration.


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