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Can I learn CNC online?

In this day and age, everything you need to know is available at the touch of a mousepad. But can you learn CNC online?

The short answer is yes but the long answer is no. To become a fully fledged in CNC, you have to complete a practical component. Most often these practical components are called apprenticeships, especially if you are doing this alongside the in-school component. The schooling, or theoretical, component usually takes a year or two and is combined or followed by the practical on-the-job training.

When we really get down to it, the practical part of CNC machining actually tends to be more important than the theoretical component! In fact, CNC apprentices can begin while attending high school. Attending a college or university CNC program isn't required but it definitely helps to quicken one's understanding of how the machines operate, how to write G-code and on-the-job trouble shooting.

If you decide to learn CNC in school, there are several avenues that would allow you to do a portion of your learning online. These include technical schools and colleges with online components. One thing to be warry of is to make sure the school you attend is accredited. This would insure that the curriculum has been ministry approved and the degree or diploma widely accepted.

A quick Google search reveals that very few schools offer CNC machining completely online. However even the ones that are completely online expect you to have some basic knowledge of machining. They also recommend that to further your learning and understanding to "consider other sources of information."

So can you learn CNC online? Technically yes, but if you want to be proficient at what you're doing and employable you'll need a practical in-person component. If you're interested in learning more about what you can do in CNC, check out this article we wrote explaining exactly what CNC machining is!


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